Banksy Hits Paris to Spotlight on Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Banksy Hits Paris to Spotlight on Europe's Migrant Crisis

Famous street artist Banksy has stopped by Paris this weekend and seven works have been discovered by Parisians. It’s the first time that the enigmatic artist has created a set of pieces upon the French capital.

Banksy Spreads a Trail of Graffiti

The unsigned murals began appearing quietly in Paris during Fashion Week. On Wednesday, World Refugee Day, passers-by in the north of the city noticed a stencil of a young black girl near a shuttered center for migrants. Apparently homeless, with a teddy bear and blankets at her feet, she was decorating her patch of sidewalk with a pink wallpaper pattern — and covering up a stark black swastika on the wall above.

More stencils followed: A second mural reworked Jacques-Louis David’s painting of Napoleon crossing the Alps on horseback. The general’s red cloak, instead of billowing around him, is wrapped tightly around his face, in an apparent reference to France’s 2010 ban on face coverings in public places.

At least seven works by the British graffiti artist appeared, all with a common theme: Europe’s migrant crisis.

Have a closer look at the works on his official Instagram account below.

The vandalized little girl.

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A veiled Napoleon riding a horse.


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A rat holding a newspaper at the entrance of the BPI.

. Centre Pompidou

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A couple of rats admiring the Eiffel Tower under the RER C.

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The dog amputated by his master.

. Sorbonne University

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At the entrance of Montmartre.

. Staircase, Montmartre

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The grieving Bataclan.

. Fire door, Bataclan

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