‘The Five’ Goyard


Goyard is one of the most exclusive and luxurious brands in the world. Many luxury brands preach about their rarity, but only a few of them have the nerve to be elusive and discreet. Goyard doesn’t advertise, list products on its website or speak to the media.


That sort of public relations austerity can make the brand hard to pin down for shoppers new to the high fashion market. Here are five things you probably didn’t knew about the french house.

Goyard is the oldest leather goods maker still in business.

In 1792 Pierre-François Martin founded his house under the name Maison Martin. Nearly 61 years later François Goyard purchased the company (which was by then called Maison Morel) from Martin’s successor and renamed it in 1853. Goyard was officially founded in Paris.

There’s also a book about Goyard’s history, but you have to go to Paris and make an appointment to view it. Not much has changed at Goyard in the past several decades.

The Goyardine – Goyard’s signature Y print.

The most recognizable thing about the french house is its monogram print called Goyardine. Compared to most designers, it doesn’t use its first initial to structure the pattern. The interlocking Ys are the name’s central letter. The piled dots that construct it are a symbol of the Goyard family history as log-drivers.

At the beginning, the Goyardine was hand-painted to all the coated canvas used to make the brand’s bags. Through mechanized etching and layering of dye that process is achieved by now. The personalizations otherwise are still hand-applied by an artisan in one of the global ateliers.

Goyard is the only major luxury brand that doesn’t sell anything online.

The brand only has four product categories. Travel goods, men’s & women’s handbags and accessories, pet accessories and special orders. Seriously nothing of that is available for an online purchase. All goods are exclusively sold only in person at one of the Goyard boutiques around the world. But the boutiques are also very rare. You can check them here.

The only thing Goyard is doing on the internet is occasionally answer consumer questions on social media.

Goyard is maybe the most notoriously reclusive brand.

The brand rarely grants interviews to press outlets either print or digital. Goyard is still privately owned, which means it lacks the board of directors and shareholders that push most brands to scrounge endlessly for new customers and new products to entice them. The brand seems mostly interested in satisfying its existing clientele which, of course, has its own sort of draw for luxury consumers hungry for exclusivity.

Goyard will let you special order pretty much anything.

The request has to be up to the company’s standards for its own products, of course, but if you’ve got the imagination and the bank account to back it up, Goyard’s special order workshop can make trunks and travel pieces in just about any configuration or concept.