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Le Monsieur EP.3

‘Le Monsieur’ EP.3

Le Monsieur presents some new vibes with his third EP. Including Tara Lily, Ama Lou, kamui, Bakar, Jimothy Lacoste and more. It’s been a long time since the last EP… For now this is probably the most personal playlist. EP.3 is a mixture of new,…

Le Monsieur EP.2

‘Le Monsieur’ EP.2

Le Monsieur presents some fine electro vibes with his second EP. Including Solomun, Full Crate, Mano Le Tough, David August and more. EP.2 is a mixture of fine and smooth electro beats. It contains songs from Solomun, HVOB, Trialog, Mare and many more. Just login…

Le Monsieur EP.1

‘Le Monsieur’ EP.1

Le Monsieur would like to provide its visitors music playlists from time to time. The playlists, called EP, will be a selection of tracks from different genres. Some of the EPs will have many tracks and some a little bit less. So you’ll have different…